True to Myself

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle © 2002, Discovery Center Music, BMI.


1. Dancing through the darkness.

I am dancing where my feet go.

I am reaching. I’ll reach forever.

I’m dancing all I know.

True to myself. True to myself.


Dancing through the shadows.

I am dancing my lion’s roar.

I am reaching. I am leaping.

Dancing up to that door.

True to myself. True to myself.



Don’t tell me I got to be like somebody else.

Don’t tell me I got to put my dreams on the shelf.

I am dancing with the sunrise, I dance in the rain.

I am moving through the mountains with the hurricane.

True to myself. True to myself.


3. Dancing through the moonbeams.

I am dancing up to that door.

And I reach it. I push it open

to the world I’ve dreamed before.

True to myself. True to myself.


4. Dancing with the stardust.

I am dancing our planet’s roar.

I am leaping across the canyon.

I’m knowing how to soar.

True to myself. True to myself.

True to myself.

Recorded on “Heart of the World,” produced by A Gentle Wind, Used by permission.

The Story behind the Song

This song expresses what it feels like to me to be a transforming part of the Universe -- we step out into the darkness, into the unknown, staying true to our nature and trusting. I also wrote this song for the young people I’ve met at Journey Camp at Woolman Hill that I’ve directed for 25 years. I want all young people to know that they are unique and important and their presence matters.

Workshop idea: Write a letter to a friend who is feeling discouraged or to an imaginary person. Create a letter that urges them to believe in their worth. Next, read it to yourself and this time feel that you are receiving the letter. Share your writing with the whole group if you wish.