Winter Solstice Stomp

A lively round.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle © 2017, Discovery Center Music, BMI


Where is the sun? I hope that

it comes back.


I don’t know. 

Did you take it?


Who has swallowed the sun?

Production: Engineered by Loren Feinstein, Colrain, MA.

About This Song

Each of the three sections of the song is sung twice. To create a round, the second voices enter after the first section is complete and the second section is begun. You can interweave the three different parts.

Teaching the second part, practice the pause between “I don’t know,” and “Did you take it?”

The story behind the song: I wrote this in 2015 for the Winter Solstice Celebration performed for 32 years by Western MA storytellers, musicians and jugglers at the Round House in Colrain, MA.