Comfort and Connection

Here are two hopes of mine for this collection. If someone is feeling discouraged, isolated, depressed -- my wish is that they would find a song that speaks to them and play it when they need it. A person could lie in bed and have the song to play on a laptop, or make (or have a friend make)  a compilation CD. I want to offer songs that give companionship in hard times.

These are possible songs to try:

The Kindest Voice, found in the Gratitude section
That Quiet Place, Calling Us In
Golden Wings, Hearing Pain for the World
Anchoring Prayer, Hearing Pain for the World
Teresa of Avila's Prayer, Gratitude
True to Myself, Seeing with Fresh Eyes
Follow the Voice, Going Forth

That's the hope of comfort. Here's the hope of connection. I wish that you'll feel an increased sense of connection with people past and present who have like-minded concerns. The song "Passing the Power On," describes a drawing activity. People are invited to represent a river of generations and show each time period enriching the next. I hope these songs inspire you to imagine a person from the past or from the present who is at your shoulder shouting their support.