Believe (One Single Blade of Grass)

Thanking each person for their unique self.

Words by Isolina Leiva-Bowes, music by Sarah Pirtle, © 2003, Discovery Center Music, BMI.


One single blade of grass can hold a thousand stories.

One single falling leaf can sing a million songs

And one single person

Can change the world

Just by being born.

Production: Recorded at Rainbow Sounds Studio by Scott Sibley.
Lead vocalist – Isolina Leiva-Bowes. Back-up chorus – Erin Berard, Melanie Meier, Molly Lieberman, Meg Cook, Sarah Pirtle. All singers have been part of the program staff for Girls Week at Journey Camp.

The Story Behind the Song:

At fourteen Isolina Leiva-Bowes sat in the forest writing in her journal while around her campers at Journey Camp carried sticks to build stick houses. She concentrated on a tiny tree that stayed untouched as people walked by, and she created this poem. Walking down together from the woods, this melody came.

The song was remembered and carried on. Leah Schwartz sang the song at her family reunion, Xihu Arfa shared it at her brother’s Bar Mitzvah. Each year now it is a theme song of camp.

Workshop recommendations: This can be a closing song at an event.

Related quote: Thank you for being “a small part of a larger part of a larger part of the earthly effort for peace.” -- Amanda Cohen, Amherst, when she was a teenager.

Round master Sol Weber brought it to workshops where rounds are sung.