Follow the Voice

Trusting the still small voice inside.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle © 1993, Discovery Center Music, BMI


      G               C       D           Em

1. Follow the voice past the willow,
G                   C     D          Em
Follow the voice past the stone.
C                 G
Follow the voice to the harbor
C                     D
Where you must board the boat alone.


But if you set your hand to tiller,
And if you steer her by the stars,
And if you allow the wind of midnight,
That boat will take you where we are


2. There is a horse at the shoreline.
There is a horse you may ride.
Narrow the path through the canyon.
No turning back, no need to hide.
But if you ride her firm and gentle,
And if you lean close to her mane,
And if you allow the wind of midnight,
The wind will call you by your name.


3. Until you rise with the eagle,
Until you rise to her nest,
Where the soft wings will enfold you
Of all of the ones who love you best.
G                   C              D           Em
And we will rock you long and steady
G                C                 D       Em
Until you know you’re not alone.
C                        G
Until you feel our arms around you.
C                                     D
Until you know that you’ve come home.
D                       G
You’ve come home.

Production: Engineered by Scott Sibley, Rainbow Sounds Studio.

About This Song

The path of being true to yourself does involve aloneness at times, but it takes you to your true friends.

Ways to Use the Song
Since the song was released in 1993, some people have used it for birthday celebrations, and others have played it as friends were dying or at Memorial Services. 

Also, it can be played to evoke images of going forth, followed by a time of journalling on what arises.