Journey Camp Recommendations

This collection has songs that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

There are four particular songs that we sing at Journey Camp every session -- Mama’s Weaving, Believe (One Single Blade of Grass), Passing the Power On, and Earth, My Body

There are many more that tie-in with camp -- such as The Ballad of Juanita Nelson, honoring Juanita who lived on the land-trust land of Woolman Hill for fifty years.

Here are songs that most relate to young people. You can download favorites and create an individualized CD. By the way, I have fifty more songs for young people on my other recordings, especially for early childhood.

Calling Us In
Earth, My Body
Heart of the World
That Quiet Place

Believe (One Single Blade of Grass)
One Kind Word
Move with the Moon
My Mother and I
Wise Women Taught

Hearing Pain of the World
Here’s a Hand
(please note: several songs in this section are about topics that are too adult-oriented for young people)

Seeing with Fresh Eyes
The Sun Inside Us
True to Myself
My Bones Sing
The Opening Calls
Singing Bird

Going Forth, Taking Action
The Ballad of Juanita Nelson
Carry the Candle
Help Comes
Follow the Voice
Passing the Power On
Everyday Bravery