The Kindest Voice

Gaining comfort to listen closely from inside.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle © 2017, Discovery Center Music, BMI


1. And have you lost that hidden flame that gives us strength to rise again,

the inner voice that speaks as friend, the light that leads us home?

When you are lost and have no light, go deep inside the darkest night,

and find a voice that brings back sight -- find the kindest voice.



Listen deep inside now for the light that is leading you.

Listen deep inside now. You’ll find the kindest voice.


2. When you have curled into a seed, call in all the help you need.

A new voice will take the lead. The light that leads us home.

When you are lost inside the ache, there’s love to follow each mistake.

Within a circle that won’t break, find the kindest voice.


3. And have the stars turned off their light,

and is the moon now gone from sight,

trust the time of darkest night and this will lead you home.

That broken place you try to hide, hold it close go deep inside,

and find the voice you once denied -- find the kindest voice.


4. For it is there in you and me, that hidden place of mystery,

where our soul is wild and free, the light that leads us home.

When you go right up to the door, there is a place that leads to more.

As rolling waves return to shore, you’ll find the kindest voice.



Listen deep inside now for the light that is leading you.

Listen deep inside now. You’ll find the kindest voice.

Production: Engineered by Loren Feinstein, Colrain, MA.

The story behind the song

My friend Ed Softky studied the Tibetan language for four years so that he could understand directly what His Holiness the Dalai Lama was saying. Indeed he later had that opportunity to hear him speak. Ed also became a translator for a Tibetan monk in Southern Vermont and a beloved community member who loved harmony singing, contra dance, and Morris Dancing. The night when I heard that Ed had been killed in Brattleboro, Vermont, it felt like the world had ended. 

In grief, I said to myself – imagine that there was a book that you could open that would say something that could give you comfort. What is in that book? I pictured opening such a book. It, in turn, contained a question – What would your kindest voice say to you right now?

Ways to Make Use of the Song:

This song is meant to give direct comfort, to be alongside someone when they need to hear it.

We have life-muscles that can get strengthened when we seek our kindest voice towards ourselves.

What do you wish that someone would say to you? When you go to the mailbox or when you turn on your computer to read email or when you look for a text, what is something you are longing to hear? 

Another question for journaling: What do you wish for the earth, or a part of nature to say to you?

How the Song Helps Friends:

In an argument or misunderstanding with a friend, you can say to each other – “What do you most wish that I would say to you right now?” Take turns hearing from each other and actually repeating their exact words, giving both people a chance to speak and then have the longed-for words be spoken.

This is also a song to send to a friend who is having trouble getting through the day.

This photo is taken of a rare flower from a night-blooming cereus plant in my home. The white blossom comes out at night and closes up as the sun rises just a few nights a year.