Harp Song – Heart Wings

The rolling feeling of restoration.

Harp instrumental with melody by Sarah Pirtle.

About This Song

This song is dedicated to Marjorie Reid, Greenfield, MA who embodies hope and kindness for so many hundreds of people.

Photo by Sandy Thomas

In the words of Sandy Thomas, “Her outreach to the world is so genuine and comes from deep in her soul. She provides hope for so many people. Marjorie has done thousands of acts of kindness for people who will never know they originated from her.” Marjorie Reid was awarded Citizen of the Year in Franklin County but awards and recognition are not what she is about. She is motivated from her heart, and the image of heart wings describes her well.

Marjorie’s fountain of offerings include sewing quilts for women in Syria in 2017 to being centrally involved in Traprock Center for Peace and Justice for decades as a volunteer, starting in 1979.

“The world needs light to be pouring out and this is what Marjorie has done her life long,” says Thomas. “You feel whole after talking to Marjorie.”

Thank you to my harp teacher, Barbara Russell, for all her support and inspiration.