Help Comes

Reassurance of community.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle, © 2011 Discovery Center Music, BMI


Help comes when you need it.
Help comes when you call.
Help comes when you’re hurt
And help comes when you fall.
Look around. People care.
Yes, people will be there.


Verses: (repeat each pair of words)
1. I will stick by you, you can count on me.
We make a circle that is strong.


2. When you stumble, I will pick you up.
We make a circle that is strong.


Additional words for verses:


When my neighbor calls, I will answer.
We make a circle that is strong.


If you are hurt, we will listen and help
We make a circle that is strong.

Production: Engineered by Scott Sibley, Rainbow Sounds Studio.

The Story of the Song

During a songwriting residency at a rural elementary school, the students talked about a recent widespread town fire. A railroad worker caused a spark to ignite brush along a train track in town. He was afraid to report his mistake and instead let the fire rage, causing widespread damage. From nearby towns, crews assembled to fight the fire. Working with a fourth grade, we wrote a song of reassurance and sang it at an all-school assembly and then at a presentation for parents. Later in 2002, I used this song in Athol, MA to support students at an outdoor September 11th commemoration. It’s also an opening song for Better Together concerts.

Workshop suggestion: Ask people to address this question in pairs. What is a time that you, your family, or friends felt the power of the web of life, felt community coming together?

Collect stories from around the world. During Hurricane Irene in New England in 2011, there were many instances of support. When two towns in mid-Vermont were ravaged by flood waters, a man with a horse found out who in the towns needed their medical prescriptions filled to maintain their health. With the information in a back pack, he set out through the waters on horseback to get to a pharmacy in another town. At times the water was up to his horse’s neck, but he kept on going, got what was needed, and delivered the medical supplies to those waiting for them.

In another Vermont town, teenagers on bikes went through the flood waters to get prescriptions from a pharmacy. In the Brattleboro area at a trailer park on the edge of a stream, a man went into the trailers to see what help he could offer. He helped out animals who were trapped, rescued people in the water, purchased food and brought it to people in a nearby town who couldn’t get out.

Discuss how help comes through our actions and intentions.