Magic Wings

Inner transformation

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle © 2002, Discovery Center Music, BMI.


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1. There is no one like you in this world

and I truly want to know the way you really are.

Take a chance and let it show.



Magic wings, magic wings.

Open up your magic wings.

Magic wings, magic wings.

Open up your magic wings.



That’s the story going round of the glory that can be found.

We are different and we are one.

It’s a struggle, yes, to grow.

But oh, you are more than you know.


2. Can you feel it’s time to change?

You gotta open up that door.

Let go of the way things were.

Make room for something more.


3. There’s no one like you in this world

so I hope that you won’t hide.

I can see your golden wings,

and I want to see you fly.



And you can fly, fly, fly, fly, fly.

Recorded on “Heart of the World,” produced by A Gentle Wind, Used by permission.

The Story of the Song

I began this song after visiting Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in Deerfield, MA and rejoicing in the wonder of butterflies. The words also relate to the Universe Story.

Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry say that the three fundamentals of the Universe are that everything is unique, everything is connected, and everything has its own interiority. Read more about their work in the Information section -- Teaching the Universe Story. These three fundamentals are encapsulated in the words of the refrain:

We are different, and we are one. It’s a struggle, yes, to grow.
But, oh, we are more than we know.

Being inside the wonder of the dynamics of the Universe is the story that’s continually going around for me in my head and heart. I keep sipping those truths the way a butterfly sips nectar.

Like butterflies we are embedded in a process of growth, support, and transformation. In the verses I talk about friends supporting friends. I began writing the songs after a close friend named Karolka Rottenberg died from the debilitating disease of ALS. As Karolka and I talked during the months before her death, she shared powerful words of encouragement about facing the trials and tribulations in life. Karolka said to a mutual friend, “I believe that we are surrounded by the help we need and just to tune into that brings comfort.”