Starseed Celebration

Harvesting the seeds of action.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle and Anne Goodwin.


Gather here in this special place,

the stars fall on our home.

Come together and celebrate

see how the seeds have grown


And we’ll take this seed and plant it

like many years ago,

and we’ll come together with work and dreams

and who knows how far we’ll go

Who knows how far we’ll go.

Production: Engineered by Loren Feinstein, Colrain, MA.

About This Song

The song was written specifically for the Starseed Healing Sanctuary and Holistic Retreat Center for the 30th anniversary celebration in 2016. The seeds that came to fruition in the thirty years of creating, developing and expanding Starseed provide a way to think about perseverance, dedication, and intention.

This song can be used in gratitude for the location where your own program is meeting. 

Workshop recommendation: Use one of these questions for sharing.
What actions in the past are you grateful for that are bearing fruit today?
e.g. I am grateful for all the hard work on starting food coops.
What seeds are you planting on behalf of your love for the Earth?
e.g. I am planting a seed of __________.

Anne Goodwin remembers that moment of collaborative songwriting: “We were looking for a song to sing to open the anniversary weekend, and I said that I feel like we don't have the song we need. It should be something like ‘come together in this special place’... and Sarah took it up right away, and urged me to go on. She grabbed a piece of scrap paper and a magic marker that were at hand and then we were off and creating it.”

Starseed is located on 130 acres of fields, forests and wetlands where programs, workshop and retreats are offered with an emphasis on connecting with the land.. As the website explains, “Starseed is an interfaith healing sanctuary, holistic retreat center, and developing intentional community dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. It serves as a spiritual center and energy anchor.” The Peace Labyrinth song in this collection honors the monthly labyrinth ceremonies at Starseed.

Within the network of Interhelp and the Work that Reconnects, Starseed has hosted the Earth Leadership Cohort and Facilitation Deepening Workshops.

Starseed: 672 Chapel Road in Savoy, MA in the northern Berkshires. Phone (413) 743-0417.