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"A song can hold you up when there seems to be no ground beneath you."
 --Melanie DeMore

With great thanks, I dedicate Hope Sings to Aravinda Ananda, Satyena Ananda Carol Harley, Paula Hendrick, and Joseph Rotella (in alphabetical order) with gratitude for their wisdom and their encouragement.

Twenty new songs not previously recorded, like “Cloudland,” are added to selections from five of the ten recordings -- Everyday Bravery, The Heart of the World, Green Flame, Heart Wings, and Better Together.

There’s wide variety in the focus and intention of the songs. “Seeds of Partnership” honors the archaeological work of Marija Gimbutas. “Use, Me Lord,” relates to the Black Lives Matter movement. “Follow the Voice” has been used by hospice. Each song includes background information and websites you might want to explore.

There’s wide variety in how they were recorded. “Lay Down Your Weary Burden” has simple guitar and voice, made in 2000. Songs from the Everyday Bravery collection were enhanced by Ellen Clegg playing percussion, Lui Collins providing harmonies, Becky Tracy playing fiddle.  A Gentle Wind productions by Jill and Donald Person brought in musicians Paul Strausman, John Kirk, and Linda Schrade. I’ve been lucky to work with stellar musicians. See the notes after the lyrics for details.

I’ve added some insights. I think one of the forces built into the Universe is the power of fresh start.

I hope you enjoy this collection.