Golden Wings

Support through the storms.

Words and music by Sarah Pirtle, © 2006 Discovery Center Music, BMI


1. I was lost in the darkness as the sunset turned to black.

A great wind took me off my feet and I could not get back.

I was carried and forgotten, and I cried out, Have I died?

The darkness turned to singing and instead I opened wide.




All I know is someone took my hand.

All I know is I could finally stand.

It could have been golden wings. It could have been an angel band.

All I know is  someone took my hand.


2. I was tossed in a shipwreck. I was cast over the rail.

I kept swimming through dark water, and it looked like I would fail.

When I thought--I can’t make it -- all around me there was grace.

And the sands rose up to meet my feet and so I found my place.    




3. I was down in a dungeon in a place that time forgot.

When I faced each shadow, the light it did not stop. 

I am back from the ghost town. I am back from the grave.

I was shaken and forsaken. Now I guess you’d call me saved.



Production: Engineered by Joe Podlesney, Harmonies by Lui Collins.

The Story of the Song

This song describes a time that I did prayers day by day, hour by hour, and felt palpable support as real as gravity. I had an operation to remove a kidney, and at first it was predicted that I had cancer, but I didn’t. Instead I emerged healthier and buoyant.

Workshop idea for discussion: What have been the golden wings in your life?