Water Cycles by Bonnie Lockhart

Visualizing water’s changes.

Words and music by Bonnie Lockhart, © 2002, BMI.

For the full audio, visit Heart of the World on A Gentle Wind's website.



Water circles, water cycles, water dances, watch it spin.

How the water coming to us goes around and round again.


1. Watch the clouds turn to rain, then evaporate again.

Watch the clouds turn to snow, fall on mountains down below.


2. Reservoir like a lake holds the water that we take

through the pipes underground to the faucet where it’s found.


3. Brush your teeth, wash your clothes, but remember where it goes

to the ground, down the drain, then back to the clouds again.


4. In each leaf, in each child, in each creature growing wild

Water dances all about, water circles in and out.

Recorded on “Heart of the World,” produced by A Gentle Wind, www.gentlewind.com. Used by permission.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Donald Person. Paul Strausman - guitar. Linda Schrade - harmony vocals.

About This Song

Hear more of Bonnie’s songs for children and families at www.bonnielockhart.com. Find out about her work with Occupella at www.occupella.org. Bonnie is a founding member of this songleading group that organizes informal public singing at rallies, marches, transit stations and more. They sing to promote peace, justice, and an end to corporate domination. Bonnie’s songs include "Who were the Witches?" and "Still Ain't Satisfied."