Song Lyrics



Words and music by Sarah Pirtle
© 2005 Discovery Center Music, BMI

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Oh, yah. I am a singing bird                             
Oh, yah. just above the trees                          
Oh, yah.  as the fog is lifting                              
Oh, yah.  I find the breeze.                             

Oh, yah.  And I follow rivers
Oh, yah.  And I swoop and spin
Oh, yah.   then I rise up higher
Oh, yah.   and do it all again.

Oh, yah, oh yah, oh yah.

Oh, yah.   I am a singing bird.
Oh, yah.   I like to glide
Oh, yah.   up the side of mountains
Oh, yah.   on the longest ride.

Oh, yah.   and I soar through canyons
Oh, yah.   and I flap my wings
Oh, yah.   I land on ledges
Oh, yah.   and do it all again.

Oh, yah, oh yah, oh yah.

Oh, yah.  I am a singing bird.
Oh, yah.  I can taste the breeze.
Oh, yah.  I fly with flowers
Oh, yah   And new green leaves.

Oh, yah    I can feel the sunlight
Oh, yah.   as it warms my wings
Oh, yah.   and the river is singing
Oh, yah.   do it all again.

Oh, yah, oh yah, oh yah.

Background of the Song:

I’ll never forget seeing birds fly up the sides of the Cliffs of Moher on the coast of western Ireland. Ever since I was young, I’ve dreamt that I could fly.

I began this song as I was preparing to do something that required a lot of courage. As I worked on it more, a friend suggested that the song tapped into the Bird Woman Goddess of Neolithic times. The morning that the recording was scheduled, the lyrics still didn’t feel quite right. I meditated upon the healing presence of the Bird Goddess to help create the final words.

Discussion questions:

What are your closest experiences with birds? How does the presence of birds affect your life?

Opening to birds on an archetypal level, how do birds speak to you? Have you had dreams that you could fly? What does it mean to you to emerge from an egg?