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Dear friends,

I want parents, teachers, and other educators to be able to make use of earth awareness and peacebuilding activities that I have developed. I am making these available for free.  

1. Our Caring Universe

2. Pocketful of Wonder

Our Caring Universe  

Sixty pages of activities teach earth literacy.
Lyrics and activities for the Heart of the World CD are included.  


How did bacteria invent conflict resolution?
What are our nine senses?
How can we have a conversation with the Universe?

“Inside us the Earth creates peace discoveries.”

This book offers new activities created by a national expert in teaching social skills in the expressive arts. In this, her fifth book, she provides a broader understanding of peace education -- how we can help young people know that we are part of an evolving caring Universe.

“The reason we are able to be creative,
to be patient, to be responsive, to be compassionate,
the reason we are able to think
about the needs of a whole community,
is because we are Earth
and this is how Earth is.
Through our caring we express the fundamental
nature of this caring Universe.”
– Sarah Pirtle

Download Our Caring Universe

A Pocketful of Wonder  

Song lyrics and activities that foster love of the Earth.  

Let’s go outside. Let’s know in our bones that we aren’t just on the Earth, but we are part of the Earth. Let’s also go inside ourselves. Let’s connect with our children in play and conversation heart to heart.

These songs and activities foster an attitude, an awareness, an appetite for the Earth that once awakened, remains and shapes a human life. Sometimes I call it moving into Green Time because it’s a quality of interaction and connection that can happen seated on a couch as well as walking through the woods.

Standing by a stream or hugging a tree, we feel a rush of joy, a common feeling that people have felt throughout the ages. Caring interactions open a space of reflection and connection that feed a child. The transformative mood of Green Time can happen in a field, in the woods, being with a tree in the park, or inside your home.

Responding to the earth has always been a part of a young person’s life until recently. Richard Louv writes in his book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder --“The young spend less and less of their lives in natural surroundings, their senses narrow, physiologically and psychologically, and this reduces the richness of human experience….As one scientist puts it, we can now assume that just as children need good nutrition and adequate sleep, they may very well need contact with nature.”

This booklet shares ways of building earth and family connection through conversations and exploration.

Download A Pocketful of Wonder