Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center

Changing Bullying

Reflection questions

from Sarah Pirtle, The Discovery Center

Here are questions to consider as you look at the next steps for your school.


Do you have a committee of people charged with helping your school focus on the issue of bullying?

Have you designed a policy on bullying including efinitions of short and long term responsibilities of adults and students?


Which adults who work with children have received training on how to intervene when there is bullying?

What support do you give students who have been the targets of bullying?

Is there an immediate crisis?

Have teachers read current materials about bullying and do they feel updated on recommended practices?

Have you identified times of the day and areas of the building where bullying has or could occur?

Would you like training for recess monitors, lunch monitors, and/or bus drivers?


Would you like help with conversations with students who are having difficulties with friendship and exclusion?

Would you like training for students on how to be active bystanders when they witness harm being done?

Would you like training for students on general social skills where each classroom would select the focus appropriate for them based upon a list of skills provided?

Would you like to explore support at recess of older students helping younger students with constructive games?

Would you like to create an assembly with music and skits relating to these issues?

If so, participating classrooms would learn or write relevant songs.


Would you like to hold an evening meeting with your community of parents to talk about bullying and other issues related to creating a school climate of safety and respect?

Would you be interested in an evening program for parents that involves students who are able to attend?

If so, which model would be of greater interest:

— A program where students present songs and skits relevant to your school goals

— An interactive program where parents meet in small groups and trained students help facilitate

Would you like further work on your policy for including parents after bullying incidents?


Have you identified a method of documenting progress at your school?

Would you be interested in using a behavior rubric, a survey or an anecdotal method?