Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center

Song Lyrics

Sarah at age 60 teaching music in Colorado.

Pass them along!

The lyrics are here so that others can sing these songs. Sometimes people think they need to call to ask my permission, and I explain it’s not needed. My hope is for the songs to travel and be sung by many. Go ahead!

The customary thing to do is to let people know who wrote the song you’re singing, but formal permission is only needed when you record a song for sale.

I hope these songs will roost on your shoulder and you’ll take them in to live in your heart.

 – Sarah Pirtle

Click on the section that you’d like, then print out from this website..

Sarah has created a 50-page booklet with Everyday Bravery lyrics, chords, background information and discussion questions: send CD $15, Book $10, Postage $5 to the Discovery Center, 63 Main St., Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.