Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center


“If you want to hear some of the best songs out there today…listen to Sarah Pirtle.”
  – Pete Seeger

Better Together has just been released as a feast of forty songs that Sarah uses with ages PreK- 6th to build community. They come with her newest book, Better Together: Caring and Including, Instead of Bullying.

Sarah’s best known and most covered songs include Walls and Bridges, My Roots Go Down, and Two Hands Hold the Earth. She has recorded over 100 original songs and has received eight national awards for her music. Her songs have appeared in “Sing Out!” Magazine and “Broadside” and her work has been noted in Billboard Magazine.

In the Song Lyrics section, there are lyrics from Heart Wings, Sarah’s newest recording for adults, lyrics from Everyday Bravery, and songs from her children’s recordings.

She created fifty-page activity books for her most recent children’s recordings, Pocketful of Wonder and Heart of the World. These books of lyrics and activities are available on this site under Free Downloads.

Linking Up comes with a book and is listed in the Books section of this site.

If you’d like to hear what some of the children’s songs sound like, go to the A Gentle Wind website:

You can hear selections from Everyday Bravery on the CD Baby site.

“Thank you, sweet sister Sarah, for your deep gift of spirit, your huge soul and prophetic voice. Your newest song “Home for Dinner” is a brilliant and heartbreaking song. You and your voice have been at the heart of my life and soul ever since I first heard you twenty years ago when we purchased Two Hands Hold the Earth.”
 — Naomi Shihab Nye, poet

Lyrics that are inspiring and fun are joined with music to a lively beat. 

“Sarah’s songs touch the hearts of children and adults alike. Her music is food for the soul.”