Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center


For forty years Sarah has provided keynote speeches and workshops that empower people to believe in their voices and their worth in the world.

Keynote speeches have included the New England Camping Association, Bowdoin College, Gettysburg College, the Women’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati, and the Wisconsin Mediation Conference.

A three-city media tour for An Outbreak of Peace included a one-hour interview with Studs Terkel in Chicago, appearances on Minneapolis NBC-TV affiliate, Minnesota Public Radio, and twenty other radio and television appearances on the topic, “Teaching Our Children Alternatives to Violence.”

Ask for more information on current topics:

  • Everyday Bravery
  • Early Childhood Linking Up
  • Families and Peace Education Today
  • The Journey of White People Unlearning Racism
  • Women’s Voices Rising
  • Mothers and Daughters Connected