Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center

Wall of Support

This Journey Camp wall is being built by your thoughts.

Paula Green & Jim Perkins

“We join the wall of support for Journey Camp because we have witnessed its impact on generations of young people who find their confidence, their voices, their inspiration, and their power in this camp setting. That’s why they return every year as campers and then as counselors. We’re glad that our contribution makes it possible for other young people to benefit from Journey Camp.”
Paula Green & Jim Perkins, Leverett MA

Caroline Mack

“I joyfully and with full enthusiasm set into place my stone of support for Journey Camp. My grandchildren, Sebastian and Annabel DeMarino grew, thrived, and came away with a greater sense of themselves while having a blast at Journey Camp. I want all children to have a Journey Camp experience.”
Caroline Mack, Buckland MA