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Online Registration

Submit your registration to Journey Camp by using the online registration form below, or by printing out our printable registration form (pdf) and mailing it with your deposit.

    Journey Camp Registration

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    4. Names of Parent(s) or Guardians

    5. Important

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    Finances: Please make a contribution toward our scholarship fund if able.
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    8. Support at Camp

    Please reply below or email a longer letter.

    a. Any medical, physical, health needs such as food allergies, medications, or special physical needs or restrictions?

    b. We want every camper to have our support. Are there any current issues or needs we should be aware of?

    c. What assistance will your child need in following the conduct code?

    d. If you have a younger child, please look at the Six Readiness Questions in Notes to Parents. Also, do they have support from a friend or sibling? If coming with a play-date friend, will they be ready to engage with the whole camp community?

    NOTE: Email registrations are not complete until the $50 registration fee is received. Please send $50 for each child and each session. It goes toward the final fee.