Sunseed – Camp for Boys



Three days: June 22 - June 24, 2020
Monday June 22, from 9 am to 4 pm, 
Tuesday June 23, start at 9 am and stay for one overnight,
Wednesday June 24, half-day with pick up at 3pm. 


Middle School - High School (13-17)


$25 to $250 sliding scale (Full Scholarships available, no one turned away due to lack of funds)


Woolman Hill, Deerfield, MA.
Parents arrange car pools from Amherst, Northampton, Holyoke, Greenfield and other locations.

Why we started a Boys Camp session:

By co-director Brahm Masla

"I’ve been a part of the Journey Camp community for well over a decade, first as a camper, and then as staff. I’ve loved every second of it."

In today’s societal climate, with so many male role models teaching values that contradict care, love,  vulnerability and equality, I’ve felt that its more than necessary to create a climate that fosters non hegemonic definitions of modern masculinity.  


The program will offer a space for developing boys to truly be themselves. It is an environment that strives to exist without the pressures of modern day social expectations. One of our goals is to foster more and more people who stand against oppression of all kinds. We want to teach boys how we can go against the norms of the patriarchy, against what’s “cool,” and become positive male figures in society. We want to show them that we still live in a world where men and women are not treated equally, and we want to  investigate the ways that we can all work to change this.  


We will have a variety of different disciplines and activities throughout the camp. There will be drumming led by a master drummer, dancing and capoeira led by a master dancer/martial artist, workshops in acting and improv, time outside in the woods, active games and discussion. There will be a fire circle Wednesday night.

We hope to have open dialog about issues we face everyday, and about things we would like to change in the world, but we also want to provide a space for these boys to have unadulterated fun, away from screens, and away from school. We believe this is a program that is very needed today.

We plan to have a group size of about 7-15 campers with three older men on staff.

To register:

Email Directors: Brahm Masla and Gedazou Sanon at
Email Registration: Melissa Delorenzo at