Starseed for All (Session One)

Journey Camp! – A place where children grow.

“I’m always in awe of the thoughtfulness and consideration you put into Journey Camp. My son came to camp for five years and will carry what he learned there inside him for the rest of his life. It’s how you treat the children. Campers feel trusted to make their own choices and enjoy being in a place where they can truly bring their gifts and be appreciated. Thanks.”

– Trish Huff, Florence, MA

At Journey Camp children discover their creativity, learn to trust their choices, laugh together and enjoy being part of a supportive community. The camp is directed by Sarah Pirtle with a program staff of naturalists, artists, and storytellers who are experienced, caring and supportive to each child.


Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 10, 2020


Girls and boys ages 6 to 12 plus CITs

Times: 8:45 AM to 4 PM five days a week
Staff ratio:

1 staff member for every 4 campers


$285 to $360 sliding scale with scholarships available


Woolman Hill Conference Center, Deerfield, MA

Parents arrange car pools from Northampton, Amherst, West County and other locations.


What happens at camp:

We form a community of new friends where fun and laughter abound. Each day we hike up to the beautiful woods of Woolman Hill where we build houses from sticks and make a village.

During village time, some campers choose to create art from natural materials or do watercolor. Some build houses in small groups while others like to work together to create a Global House on the ridge. There are also hikes, woodcarving under staff supervision, and active games.

The day is set up with lots of time for choices. For morning and afternoon workshops, campers select which kinds of creative arts or earth skills workshops they would most like to participate in. In the farmhouse we share funny stories, sing, paint, make masks, or do crafts, while outside we play active games, do creative movement or drama.

During Two Week camp a Pageant is created. Families attend a presentation along with a family picnic at 5 PM Thursday July 14th. Participation in the pageant is optional. Children can design their own roles, taking part at their own comfort level, or adding their creativity in other ways with songwriting or artwork. It's a low pressure atmosphere. The jokes and themes of the weeks can be expressed, and campers decide whether to be audience members, actors, dancers, or singers. The Thursday evening event during the third week provides an exciting close to the session.

To register:

Email Melissa Delorenzo at

CIT Program for Session One and Hilltown Journey Camp

Twelve and Thirteen year olds can inquire to see if he or she would be more appropriately placed as a camper or a CIT. Attend a one day training before camp. 


Date chosen by participants. 

Cost: $150 to $275. Because this is a leadership training program which includes extensive daily mentoring, there is a sliding scale fee.

For more information about this program and fees please contact:
Email Melissa Delorenzo at