Circle Dance: Universe Story Circle Dances

By feeling the dynamics of the Universe, we gain renewed hope and inspiration. Sarah offers a special program of dance and conversation called, “Waking Up Inside the Caring Universe” which helps us experience ourselves within the broadest context that we

In all the Universe, in all time, you are the only you.
Never before have molecules come together exactly like you.
Never again will your footsteps be repeated upon the Earth.
Your strength is the strength someone can count on.
Your thoughts are the thoughts that can make the difference.
Your life is a life that can move the whole world toward the good.
Dare to be the person you’re meant to be!
---Barbara Loots, Wildwood Press, Canada

Sarah choreographed dances that follow the timeline of our unfolding Universe from the first Flaring Forth to the Super Nova which led to the creation of our Sun and planet family. Among the many dances in the series are “The Joy at the Heart of the Universe,”  “Quark Fire,” “Galaxy Formation,” and  “Breaking Apart and Coming Back Together.”

As we explore each dynamic, we find choices open within our own lives today. For instance, when we dance “Particles and Anti-Particles” we feel the value of our fundamental differentiation. When we dance, “The Creation of Atoms,” we feel our basic interconnection. Sarah brings a unique timeline she created with yarn and beads to convey a perspective of time as well as resource books and photographs.

“Through these dances, I felt the sacredness of our common story. I come away with an increased sense of reverance for myself, the other dancers, and for all life.”

This body of work can be experienced through just a few dances from the series, or as a one-hour, two-hour, or three-hour program. The dances also can be coupled with an extensive exploration of the Universe Story in day-long, or weekend-long event.

Example: Woolman Hill Conference Center, Deerfield, MA

sponsored a weekend led by Sarah which was called:

The Heart of the World Inside Us.

We aren’t just on the Earth, we are the Earth. How does knowing this change us?

This is a weekend of joy, community, and deep inquiry as we bond more deeply with our core. The New Cosmology, articulated by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, helps us reorient ourselves. We live inside a caring Universe that is neither random not determined. The more we can sense our place within the largest reality, the more access we have to creative transformation of ourselves and our planet.

As we experience the Universe Story heart to heart, in a community of other caring listeners, we seek where our spiritual courage takes us next.

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