Courage Choir

What does the Courage Choir do? 

We get together weekly to sing, raise our spirits, and feel connected through a common love of music. In addition, we visit people who are in times of transformation or challenge.

What is it like to come to the Courage Choir? 

We sing lively inspirational music of many types. We laugh a lot, and keep the meetings relaxed. Meetings are designed to build community. Teenagers as well as adults are welcome. Our meetings are as important as our visits.

How to attend the Courage Choir: 

The choir meets most Wednesday nights at Connie Clarke's home in Shelburne. The location is five minutes from the Greenfield rotary off route 91. Please contact Sarah at (413) 625-2355 for directions. There is no charge. The group is open for new people to try a meeting and attend when they are able. Participants work with a booklet of over fifty songs.

Do I have to read music? 

Sarah believes that music belongs to everyone. All are invited—no auditions, no requirement to read musical notation. The different ways of learning songs are respected. Participants learn songs that inspire and uplift, some traditional and some contemporary.

Courage Choir Visits: 

When there is a request for a visit from the Courage Choir, people who are available and interested attend with Sarah, deciding themselves when they feel ready to participate.

Thank you, Threshold Choirs and Kate Munger! 

The Courage Choir is modeled on the Threshold Choirs directed by Kate Munger in the San Francisco Bay area. At their website you can find out about the two Threshold Choir recordings:

The Courage Choir sings for people at moments of transformation. 

We bring inspiring songs to people in a personal way. These sharings are free-will offerings. There is no charge.

For instance, a person who is bedridden, a person who is going through a time of discouragement, an elder celebrating their birthday, or a hospice client might enjoy a visit from the Courage Choir. We visit people at home, and in care centers like nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers. We also go to schools and houses of worship. If a friend is depressed or isolated, suggest that we pay them a visit.

For more information or to request a visit: Call Sarah at (413) 625-2355

The symbol of our work is a spider stitching together the web of life.

Choir Director, Sarah Pirtle, has sung in hospitals and nursing homes for over three decades. She sang for a friend as she grappled with ALS. She sang at the bedside of a friend's mother the moment her mother died. When Sarah herself had a kidney out, she was uplifted by visits from musicians. She has collected over a hundred songs from many sources that are inspiring.