Sarah Pirtle and the Discovery Center

Discovery Time for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

by Sarah Pirtle

Includes Activities on Bias Awareness and the Expressive Arts

Ages: Kindergarten through Grade 8

Teachers and guidance counselors will find a year’s worth of activities that will:

  • Teach social skills through language arts and social studies curriculum
  • Integrate the expressive arts into the social curriculum
  • Build a caring classroom community

How to order:

Send $20 plus $4 postage to

    Sarah Pirtle,
    Discovery Center for Peacebuilding
    63 Main Street, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Email Sarah:

“This is a treasure trove of tried and true classroom activities to educate the hearts of elementary age children. This inspired collection reflects Sarah Pirtle’s artistry as a teacher, trainer, and songwriter who imparts a clear vision of what is possible.”
– Barbara Porro, author of Talk It Out

“Good news! Learn how to transform conflict into a creative classroom discovery process. These beautifully and clearly described activities can be incorporated into the day-to-day curriculum of any school. Discovery Time is a most welcome addition to the fine publications arising out of the Children’s Creative Response to Conflict network.”
– Dr. Elise Boulding, Professor Emeritus, Dartmouth College

Published by the Creative Response to Conflict Program in Nyack, NY.

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