Hilltown Journey Camp

A day camp for girls and boys ages 7 to 12

An exciting one-week session of building stick-houses in a beautiful area of woods, rocks, and streams and enjoying the farm and barn.


Girls and boys ages 7 to 12 plus CITs

Dates: Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 10, 2015

$275 to $350 sliding scale


Taproot Commons Farm in Cummington, across from the Cummington Fairgrounds near route 9.

Times: Arrival time between 8:45 and 9 AM
Departure time 4 PM

Directed by Sarah Pirtle, with experienced Journey Camp staff.

Meet new friends at Hilltown Camp. We create a close community in a relaxed atmosphere which gives a chance for childhood play to blossom. Laughter rings out in active games, creative dramatics, and circle time music along with lots of time in the forest.

Become friendly and familiar with the plants and trees as we go into the woods to build stick houses, explore the rock formations, and get to know the streams and paths on the land. Last summer the stick houses that were created came in all sizes ranging from a large group creation that many could fit inside to smaller leaning branches set in a favorite spot. At Journey Camp we like to make sure there’s choice while keeping an eye that no one is left out and everyone feels encouraged. 

The day has a rhythm of whole group activities and small group choices including art activities in the barn. After lunch and before afternoon workshops, the camp gathers together to hear a continuing story created by Sarah. It culminates on Friday with group dramatics as campers enter the scenes of the tale to devise the ending together.

The chance for younger and older children  to be together creates a time of shared humor and happiness that one person compared to a family picnic. Bonding with the earth and enjoying group cooperation dovetail; each person has a chance to participate in a welcoming community.

Taproot Commons Farm, founded in 2010, is run by Sarah Fournier-Scanlon. It is a Certified Grade A Raw Milk Micro-Dairy, milking just half a dozen beautiful brown cows. Other animals on the farm include goats, chickens, ducks, and a tom turkey strutting a full fan.

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To register:

Email Sarah Pirtle at pirtle22@hotmail.com.